Remember the bad times

We want what we can’t have, even if we really don’t want it. It seems as though soon as you break up with that person they change, they dress better, they look better. But they aren’t better and that’s what we fail to realize. Its difficult to remember why you left them, your subconscious blurs out the negative and begins to dwell on the good memories. But really they are putting in much more effort then they were back then. Because when you see an ex, I’m pretty sure everyone flaunts, and charades what they have in every attempt to fill the loved one with regret. It works sometimes, that’s the dangerous part. This is the instance when someone who broke up with you begins to question themselves. They rewrite the past, and remember it better than it ever was and begin to see their present as worse than it is. They  long for the touch of someone who isn’t actually anything that they want. You almost feel offended because they weren’t that person when you were with them, and now they seem to not have 2 words to say to you, when once, their entire world revolved around you. I experienced this last week.  

So right here and now, with you as my witness, I am saying farewell to my ex. While I still remember why I’m not with him. And I know that we’re “still in love, just when it’s that real it just doesn’t fade”. Its okay to remember the good times, but make sure you remember the bad times too. 




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