Recognize real

If you ask a man what he wants, it’s a girl whose real. They don’t want the fake hair, eyebrows, nails, or make up. They don’t want you half naked, and sloppy drunk and high. They don’t want you to have slept around. They want clean, confident, naturally beautiful women. Who are professional and take care of their man. 

But I think what men fail to realize is that, that is not what they are going after. Men want that long hair so girls buy weave. They want a girl that’s perfect so girls fill in their eyebrows and glue on nails and cake make up on because regardless of what boys are saying they want.. they are walking in and flocking to the girls that are twerking with weave down their backs and no clothes on. 

Now I could go on and on about how men and society created this image, blah blah blah. But really all I want to know is, why do you look right past the good ones. The girls out here that are natural everything, beautiful, and educated. Why are you not interested in a virgin, or someone who wont sleep with you right away? Why are you not interested in a someone with short hair and clothes that cover the majority of their body. 

When someone like me walks past you, why is it that I’m even being compared to the girls that you had a one night stand with the nights before? Why is it that my ironed dress pants aren’t as attractive as the the body con dresses on skin tight leggings? Why is it that you aren’t relieved that you can run your fingers through my hair without tracks, or look into my eyes without huge feather like eye lashes protruding from my face? 

Why doesn’t today’s black male recognize real?



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