No Deal

You know the game shows where the player wins this large sum of cash, and the hosts presents that huge decision of rather you’d like to keep playing or take the money and be done. Which do you usually encourage them to do? Is your choice out of greed or logically based on their performance on the show thus far? Or were you listening to your peers as they say, “never settle for less”. 

Now take that same idea and apply it to relationships. 

When I am in a relationship I am constantly looking for the next best thing. Even though I’m receiving this great treatment, it is always that feeling of, “but I can do better”. I may look at his teeth, or face, or height and think, “is this something that I want to deal with for the rest of my life”? It’s not only appearance, I may love an individual with my whole heart and I would still ask myself, “is this suspision of cheating something that I can tolerate”? I assess all that is my partner. Because after all, why be in a relationship if the intent isn’t to one day marry them? That’s the problem with break ups, because so many of us get in them with the idea in our heads that this is the one that we will be with for the remainder of our lives and then its all shattered. 

So when the hosts turns to me and asks me,”deal or no deal”, I once again become a victim of my own optimism, and reply promptly with, “no deal”. I won’t deny that my exs were valuable to me. They were money, thousands, trillions. But I wanted more. 

The catch though, is what if you don’t win the next question. What if your next isn’t better than your last. And the one fish you let go, was your biggest catch of the day?!

Guess what, “there are bigger, I mean better things”. There are always better things if they weren’t enough to take and run with. 





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