Edgar Allan Poe

My Intro to literature professor has spent a particularly long portion of the semester on Edgar Allan Poe. Like any other literature class,  I knew we would have to read the three most famous works, “The Raven”, “Tell Tale Heart”, and unfortunately, “The Cask of Amontillado”. But we have examined all aspects that is E. A. Poe. It is incredibly difficult for a fantasy loving Sagittarius to continuously read Gothic horror stories. With eyes watching you, hearts in floorboards, and ravens of death perching upon the bust of Pallas. Is that over your head?

The only one that actually seems as through she thoroughly enjoys our discussions is a girl that sits in the back of a class. She looks like she would be into the stuff too. She wears dark clothing and has several tattoos and piercings and constantly has huge hickeys on her neck caked in blotchy cover-up foundation. But to be honest, we aren’t that different, her and I. Its just that my tattoos are covered, I have single holes in my ears, I’m into peach colored clothing this season, and I simply stop boys from sucking my neck so hard that you can see my blood through my translucent skin.

Anyhow, E. A. Poe, is for the birds. haha, bad joke.



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