Hold on, We Found Love

Hold on, We Found Love

Thee most beautiful couple who ever lived. I really don’t enjoy social media. But I do enjoy the come up of a young person in today’s society.

Dudley O’Shaughnessy was the first to catch my attention in Rihanna’s We Found Love video. He was break takingly beautiful with green eyes and freckles. He owned that video as he ran around popping pills, smoking, and kissing Rihanna. What made him so desirable was the way that he handled her. The carving of the word “mine” on the ass of someone such as Rihanna presented a dominate, assertive person. Yum.

Then, one day I stumbled upon the Instagram page of Ashley Moore. I had never wanted to be another individual, aside from myself, so badly in my entire life. If it wasn’t her hair, it was her skin, if it wasn’t her lips, it was her shape. I can’t tell if shes goofy and freaky or if shes as timid and delicate as she seems in her pictures. It’s hard to put your finger on. She is so very far from being considered a video vixen. Something is angelic about her. She does innocent and sexy. She does damsel in distress. Regardless, she is beautiful. I have been keeping up with her for months now and watching as she captures more and more people as fans and followers. I was beyond excited for her to be in GQ with Asap Rocky.

But this morning when I got on Drake’s Blog and watched the Hold On, We’re Going Home video, I wasn’t shocked to see her in it. No one would have fit the role any better. And there is nothing that motivates me the way that she does. I hate to sound so shallow, but if you’re lips have touched Dudley’s and Drake’s you are it.


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