she know i live underwater 
i just visit the land
cause to be quite frank 
there’s some things,
i don’t wanna understand
so i escape into my love
my flying mermaid named Lila
more love more beauty 
than Venus de Milo
with brown eyes
2 tints lighter than mines
look straight in em 
and taste fate’s sweet venom
like wine
kiss her neck 
and grasp her thigh covered in holy denim
eyes lock again 
she speaks of desires of a life sentence
im then asphyxiated by her love
and cant speak for minutes
tides crash 
seashells collapse
for they’ve heard our connection
and died from 
the sound of perfection….



It’s Hard to believe that this was written about me once, by the father of my child. Its insane how we become so very detached from one another. How can our hearts handle going from seeing a person and loving them so desperately to not minding if we ever saw them again. 

Reading over this now reveals the signs. Our love was too fantastical to last forever. 


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