taking away

The most frustrating thing in the world is to fool with words and to still feel incapable of expressing the feeling. I can’t quite express the frustration of it all. 


I created this blog in order to express myself, as all artist intend to do. But when I allowed my daily tasks to take me away from my art then I began to try and remember all that has happened to me. I lost ideas because i didn’t write them down. I grew, but i forgot, in what ways. I dated. I fell in love. then I fell out of love. And have very little to show that it even existed except that i know a little bit more of what i don’t want. I know a little bit more about who i don’t want to be rather than a little bit more of who i do what to be. Possibly, one day i’ll cancel out all i don’t want to be and all i’ll be left with, is me. You know, the “take away” technique. The technique you learned in grade school where “Jim has three apples and you take two away, now how many does he have left?”. And no one questions anything after that. We don’t ask where the apples go. We simply accept Jim and his 1 apple. because that is the answer. right?


But what if you were the Jim in the story. And the apples are taken from you. No one in particular took them from you. All you know is that you want them back. 

What if it weren’t apples, but cake. Or even diamonds. or love. Wouldn’t you be more reluctant when someone just takes it from you.


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