One hell of a June

June 2013..


The hell below our feet has rose up through the cracks of the black pavement.. My toes have been burning.. causing me to run. Frantically. frighteningly… boiling. blistering. Its this world is growing darker each day.

This June, seemed to have belonged to the devil. The month seemed hotter. The illuminati seems more real. The Heat has won, and “KING JAMES” has been worshiped more than our Lord. Each new album whether it be j.cole, Kanye (“yeezus”), or wale have used God, and music that was once used for worship, to draw in that of their listeners. It seems as if more souls are being sold. More poison being poured into ears. My church seems more empty. My family and loved ones are deviating from what we used to be. We are suffering from separation anxiety.. from each other.. from God. The repetition of old problems arise, as if they were all part of the plan. Hatred of the heart has been attacking me.ImageI have cried many tears.. I have seen police lights, and shiny badges in my home. I have said goodbye..and then I have said hello. I have been blamed for things that I have not done. I have had my son taken away from me and then returned. I have been accused and have wanted to give up. I have seen pain and agony. I have found strength, I have found weakness. I have found light in the same place that I have darkness.


It has been one hell of a June.


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