In the fall of 2010, during my 1st semester of pregnancy with my beloved little boy, my mother and I took, what we knew to be our last trip together …just her and I. We were going to New York City, New York to attend my Godmother’s wedding. I had been to New York once before however most of the vacation was spent in the cold, in time square waiting for the “ball” to drop (which is incredibly small in person, I would not suggest it). However, this vacation taken with my mama was one to remember. We stayed in my Godmother’s small but adorable apartment, got our nails done, ate ny style pizza, central park, the taxi ride and even the excessive walking. The city was so different from Nashville, Tn and that there would have been enough for me.

But then it came time for the wedding. We went on top the deck of a tall building with one of the most incredible views I had ever seen. I watched and observed as my mother connected with old friends. Following the gorgeous ceremony we all filed down into the dining area where we were served incredible dishes of food . Some smelled delicious, while others made me cringe up my nose all the way down to my baby belly.


At out dinner table, sat 2 of the most amazing people that I had ever met to this day. Hayley and Johanny. Two of the most gorgeous girls that I had ever seen, and it seemed like a privilage to be sitting with them . I feel as if they were the epitome of Yin yang. They were such different individuals that it allowed them to fit so perfectly. They were here for the wedding from California and all that I could do was listen to the life that they were planning together. Mama had informed me that Haley too, was a mixed girl who went to school in Battle Creek, MI.. and it simply amazed me how they all, my mom, godmother, and Haley were all living these HUGE lives when they came from such a city consisting of nothing but cereal and pop tarts. While trying the variety of foods offered I heard the two of them say that they are getting married. And that johanny would carry the baby when they got pregnant. And instantly I was enlightened! What if everyone clicked with their spouse the way the two of them did?

and then, in Spring 2012…


Aren’t they just the most beautiful couple of this world?  Yes, I agree.


Not only am I basically obsessed with the personality of each of these individual, but recently I stumbled across a picture of their baby.. How absolutely flawless!!!!!


It warmed my heart to see the freedom of their lifestyle. The ability to reproduce and the privilege to know them.. if only for one evening.


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