The Take Over

The worst part about weeds is they grow right next to your beautiful flower.. The roots, maybe even intertwined. They had the same potential as you, the same happiness as you.. but they took over and turned into something that you didn’t want any part of. They hurt you, they take from you, your essentials. They make the Gardner disappointed. They cause the toxic words and hate of the heart to come out before they go away.

God, planted you. Are you the weed or the flower?


And if you’re a flower, what is your fruit? what does it taste like? What does it smell like?

If we reproduce with our seed which part are we eating.. the fruit or the seed?

Is the tomato the seed or the fruit?

Is the sunflower seed the fruit or the flower itself?

Can you plant a strawberry?


If you’re a weed, we already know your intentions. 


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