Home Remedy

When it comes to medicine, I have to be in serious pain to take a cough syrup or other medications. I normally wait “til the point where I can’t take it anymore, and only wish I had taken it before I got to that level at all. I’m all for home remedies, the old fashioned superstitious ones, as well as the scientifically proven remedies. I’ve tried the teas, the excessive drinking of water, I’ve even made home remedy waters with mint and other herbs… lets just say I tried it all.

 I tried everything except marshmallows. Yes, it sounds insane but marshmallows sooth a sore throat. The kind of throat that hurts to swallow or talk.. the dry and itchy.. or the raw and mucus filled. From my experience.. it doesn’t last very long.. but it works for some time.. it almost coats your throat allowing instant relief.

I’m just saying, if marshmallows sooth a sore throat then think of all the other things in your kitchen that could make you feel better. I mean technically if you have a headache, you could chew on a piece of willow bark. I’m not  doctor, but i’m a mom.. that’s gotta count for something right?!

My son is going to hate me when he gets sick.


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