Yin and Yang are opposing yet complementary principles. Neither is more important than the other and only together do they make a whole.

I am the yin to his yang. the moon to his sun. the dark to his light. the feminine to his masculine. the water to his fire. the black to his white. the passive to his active. the negative to his positive. the night to his day. the empty to his full. the no to his yes. the left to his right. the south to his north.

I spent most of my life believing that the yin yang sign meant peace, when it was so much more than that. A few things made more sense when I realized that I needed a yang to my yin and that it alternated between years.

You know when it seems as though everyone is having boys one year, and then the next year it seems as if everyone is having girls? yeah, well that is because we need that balance.. we need it world wide, we need it in our households… we need it in our relationships.


2 thoughts on “YinYang

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