Be you.

It was fall 2006, my freshman year in high school. I entered the large doors under the banner that read Hume- Fogg High School. I walked up a broad stair case that lead to an old creaky floor and a shiny erect Knight stood at the top..the kind you stare at in a creepy mansion because you aren’t sure if its looking at you. This was the beginning of the most awkward, awful, excruciating day I had ever experienced… getting lost in a large dungeon of school. I walked around with my head down, partly to avoid any attention from the people I was walking past, and then partly because I didn’t know where the hell I was going. I was running up and down stairs, to the right side of the building and then to the left.. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t walk completely around the 4th floor, nor which floor had the gym, or which was the lecture hall. It was terrifying. I knew all of 5 people, and I wanted nothing more to just walk out the doors I had entered in.

Later than sooner, it was lunch. I was relieved to sit with  the 5 I had previously known from middle school, or cheered with at UNA. I observed everyone around me and in the hall as they passed by.. and then I saw them…

Sarah & Larah Gann


I must admit, that I noticed the ass first, as they stood side by side huddled in a group full of people. And in that moment right there, I wished I could be like them. I didn’t care which one, I just wanted whatever life they had. I wanted their charisma, that thing about them that made them stand out so beautifully amongst all of these people.  I thought that they were by far the most incredible individuals I had ever seen. The gorgeous complexions, the perfect shape, and their style.. oh lawdd.. they seemed so sure of themselves. Throughout that year I watched and admired the way they came to school wearing something different.. the colors, the hair, the piercings.

Freshman..we’re such creepers then.

Yeah right, i’m obviously still creepin’. I mean honestly, look how cool they are, naturally. I feel as though I can never stop admiring those who are themselves, those who express themselves.. those who stand out beautifully in a room full of people. So if people tell me to be myself, then technically, I’m being like them. right?

Win/ win. 

“Be you. Yeah girl just be you”. 


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