Mr. London


Justin London

This was one of my absolute favorite people to talk to at one point in my life. Justin had all the answers in the world. He seemed to make everything clear and always fed into my need for philosophy. He’s a Gemini, my opposite, my reflection in a way. Justin was my happiness early mornings in the cupcake bakery washing dishes. We would become so engaged in conversation that I would want more dirty dishes so that I could hear his perception on the subject we were discussing. He was always so stimulating in thought and words.He is probably one of the funniest people I know to this day. I always tried to fill him with some sense but the boy is filled with wisdom beyond his years. He taught me to understand the nature and thoughts of boys and the process they go throughmentally when they want someone.  He was definitely in my life for a reason. I appreciate the person that he is, and I pray for him often. He always lead the best prayers.


May those dreads grow with more strength in power in their longevity, and may he find happiness wherever he plants his feet. May he read more books, reel in more fish, and listen to more advice. May he continue to be the backbone of his family and carry his friends. I am so proud of the man that he has become.

Happy 20th Birthday to a good friend, Mr. London.


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