Nitrogen = Love.

There is quick release nitrogen fertilizer , and then there’s slow release nitrogen fertilizer. You could grow the natural way. Because naturally, you’ll love quick… and grow slow.

Quick release, pumps you up like a cup of coffee, your drug… in my eyes, nitrogen is love… its that high, that one that gets you going. It’s that “feel good.” While slow release is a paced, thorough feeling of love. Like a friendship, a friendship that builds up all the fundamentals,  so that once it blossoms then it will be stronger and more beautiful.

There are flaws to either strategy though. Because in fertilizers, there are things that actually hold you back from your full potential. Meaning you thrive better when you both release love at your own rate.. your own pace. Even if that means you fall in love within two days, but don’t grow into marriage for another 8 years.




One thought on “Nitrogen = Love.

  1. 9th day of June 2013 ~
    A Loving comment to My Great Granddaughter Karissa Delayne ~
    I just read all of your entries to date, and can’t begin to tell you how amazingly delighted I am with your creative statements! Your potential is wholesome, fresh, and I encourage you to continue this avenue of expressing yourself. God is with you as you grow emotionally & intellectually. You are a wondrous individual!
    I look forward to following the entries of your memories & life experiences here…..
    I Love You so much Karissa ~ I’m very sure you will succeed in life, be a happy person, and a wondrous Mother! This is my prayer for you……..
    Love & Prayers Always, Great G’ma Sharon

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