Beauty is Her Name


Shelby Danielle Corley

What a phenomenal women! Look how absolutely beautiful she is!

I first met Shelby in 7th grade at Wright Middle School. We we’re so young then but we thought we were so grown. Spending friday nights at the skating rink and updating our myspace pages every chance we got. It wasn’t until we both got into Hume-Fogg that we became the best of friends. Shelby is a character!! When we were together it was non stop laughter, the girl is so silly. We have thousands of inside jokes that still, to this day, make me cry with laughter. She was always so supportive and a good friend. She was always so creative and was down to explore whatever I wanted to get into. When I told her I wanted to make cakes, we bought materials to sit down and make fondant.


We are such different individuals. I love her for that. She is an artist, she is my pen pal, she is a lover, she is God fearing, she will always be one of my best friends. Happy Birthday baby girl. 

I love you to the moon and back!



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