The Cool Down

One of my favorite things to do is to make my very own products, from oils and lotions to toothpaste. There are hundreds of recipes but choose wisely, each skin is unique. No matter what type of skin you have covering that beautiful face of yours, you can still use natural, everyday kitchen items to make your own!

So go in your kitchen and find:

Ground Cinnamon

Plain Yogurt


All Natural Honey

Fresh Strawberries


1. In a small dish, I start by mashing  the strawberries up as small as possible. The best thing about the fact that it is summer is that the strawberries are so perfect and sweet. So don’t feel guilty munching on a few as you are creating the mask, you only need about 4 large ones.

2. Next is 3 tablespoons of luke warm, all natural honey. Pour it into the bowl along with 1 table spoon of cinnamon.


3. Next add in 1/3 cup of oatmeal. A lot of recipes call for you to grind up the oats for a paste like consistency, however I usually have very dry skin and oatmeal is there not only to open the pours, but also to dry up excess oils.

4. Next add in 2 hefty spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt. Stir well. This step should make it creamier. You may have to play with the consistency, adding a little more honey to make it stickier, or a bit more yogurt.


5. Next is the fun part, apply your mask using your hands in a thick, even coat covering your entire face. No worries if it gets in your mouth, it is delicious and smells great!


6. Leave mask on for 20 minutes. And you can even eat the rest while you wait!

7. Then rinse with warm water. Make sure you remove all mask.

I always finish it with a thin layer face lotion for sensitive skin that seals and moisturizes. You get cleansed pores, smooth face, a healthy snack, relaxation, and with all natural items!

Nom nom nom.


One thought on “The Cool Down

  1. You write so eloquently and your story about your Grandma is just PERFECT. Again, you are one amazing young woman. So enjoying your writing and pictures – you are obviously a genius like your mommy and Grandma 🙂

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