Have you ever felt depressed, and lost interest in things that you once enjoyed?

Have you ever  felt anything at all, or had any type of medical condition? Well there is ONE cause for ALL of your problems and to get better.. you should probably clean your house.

Obviously, you’re suffering from Toxic Black Mold.

What if it was all that simple. That a fungus was the reason for your sadness and that with a little clorox and a sponge that you could literally wipe away your problems. No more runny noses, no more flu, no more infertility, no more miscarriage, no more comas or confusion.. no more death.

I don’t believe all of these symptoms of  Black mold that I’m reading about.. but i’m just saying.. if you have a small, significant spot of mold in the corner of your bathroom or kitchen.. you may be a little bit more depressed than others.


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