Keep Calm, Eat Cake.

As long as there is a sugarcane, the world and it’s happiness are in my hands. All the materials in the world are for ME as much as they are for YOU. The sugar, the biggest of egg whites, and salted sticks of butter. That  grimy paste is yours.  That brown vanilla extract. The sifted flour, and baking soda, and kosher salt. The balance is yours. The succulent milk added will allow your brains to conserve serotonin that you need to keep calm and stress free. (Keep Calm, Drink Milk). Your cake may rise to its full potential and cooled with patience if you may have any.  Your hands will carve and shape and mold enormous pieces of spongy cake that will be sweet to the taste.  You can stack each layer of vanilla butter cake high and allow a sweet blueberry filling to ooze in between the layers that spills over the edge, the way syrup does a stack of pancakes. A strawberry cream cheese icing will be spread over the cake to conceal the entire flavor inside. Once you cut that first thick slice, all of the love within will pour out into the atmosphere. Aka, all of the hardships of this world will be sweetened with powdered sugar. So smile bright… due to the natural teeth whitening enzymes in strawberries.Your future will be topped with fresh blueberries, ripe and abundant in vitamin C, and antioxidants relieving this twisted world of it’s radicals.

Remain young longer.

Life is a piece of cake, cake that YOU made from scratch.


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