To be completely submerged in someone.

The spontaneous inrush of love stemmed from the enthusiasm and eagerness my body exploits once it has realized that  he is everything i’ ve been searching for, naturally. . my water, my oxygen, my warmth.

Allowing your seed to swell,  unceremoniously. It changes my shape until my testa is torn open and we start to grow. We are in that stage right now.. the germination phase I mean. I am absorbing anything within my reach. Allowing it to fill me up with love and strength. The growing pains are excruciating.. as I indulge in him, in us, in the greatness that we can become once we break the surface and are exposed to the air. Fill me up baby, until I burst and we have nowhere to go except, up.

I read of this phenomenon, the way the heart of a substance can literally swell with something, without even pausing to form a solution first. The influx, the come in.. the take over.


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